Voodoo Economics has taken root in D.C.

Our current politician-in-chief believes that all businesses in the US are price gouging and they should "just stop." He and his party spend as much as they want and then complain loudly about "shrinkflation", confusing cause and effect.

The previous politician-in-chief believes that the US should levy punitive tariffs on anyone he has a grudge against. His future plans include a general 10% tariff on all, friend or foe. His party representatives believe that tariffs enrich Americans at the expense of China and all others. Exactly the opposite is true.

A Groveling Congress

Professional life-long politicians from super-safe gerrymandered districts are complicit in all of this. Our representatives rubberstamp these crazy economic views to benefit their special interest groups.

At stake - your future, your children's future

The current crop of bad economic policies includes industrial policy that doles out money to preferred firms for "national security driven on-shoring". How about goosing up the economy to fight Covid when the pandemic is long gone? Or fiscal policy that drives up prices while claiming to be fighting inflation? And lets not forget the patently unfair student loan forgiveness that adds billions to the national debt.

Policies in the last century and more, whether stemming from desires to "not waste crises" or from economic illiteracy, are now showing us the resulting loss in competitiveness, in productivity, in dependence economics, in divisiveness and hatred. The new policies will only add to the unsustainability of our national debt, wage/price inflation, taxes. Our children will not find that world a pretty one to live in.

Not too late to turn the ship around

Our world will be richer if people are empowered to maximize what they produce and to keep more of their product. Our world will be more peaceful if people don't see zero-sum games that enrich others at their expense. Such a world needs policies that reduce government intrusion in the lives of Americans and set them free.

Americans know full well that free societies prosper, and coercive societies fail. And yet, we move towards creating a more controlling and coercive society, for political expediency or from sheer incompetence of the people we elect. With time and determination, we can turn this ship around.

My promise

As your representative, I will always work to support laws that increase individual freedoms, and work to repeal those that reduce them. I will support general laws that apply to everyone equally. I will support laws that promote and increase trade of lawful goods. It may be a while before you can see the arc but with your support and vote, and other like-minded people, we can get started.

Let me count the ways

Americans endure thousands of bone-headed and intrusive, policies, regulations and laws. Some are explicit, others are hidden from our sight in a complex tax code. Some are supposedly for consumer protection, some for social engineering, some purely for special interest profit. All of them are unjust.

Eliminate Licensure Laws. Requiring providers to undergo years of training and education before they are allowed to provide paid services to the public is damaging to the economy. [...more]

Simplify Tax Filing. The complexity of our tax code is by design. Special interests thrive on their ability to lobby for their tax breaks. [...more]

Reform the Tort System. Why would you sue yourself, collect damages, receive a small pittance for yourself while giving a huge chunk to lawyers? Yet that is what shareholder lawsuits are. [...more]

War on Drugs. Legalize Most/All Drugs. The war on drugs has failed from the very start. This war should be stopped. [...more]

Civil Forfeiture. Civil Forfeiture is a pernicious tool that evolved out of the War on Drugs. We need to abolish it. [...more]

Unshackle business from Labor Monopolies. We don't want monopolies in the supply of goods and services. We also want to eliminate Government created monopolies in the supply of labor. [...more]

Separate Immigration from Work Permits Issuance. The US needs labor to work in its fields and factories. There is no reason to tie the import of this labor to immigration considerations. [...more]

Parents should control where their children study. Preparing their kids for adulthood is the most important job for all parents. Which school their kids go to has to be a part of their overall decision about educating their children. [...more]

Our Entitlements and Debt obligations are out of control. Uncontrolled federal spending has pushed our debt/GDP levels into uncharted peacetime territory. With interest rates projected to be higher for longer (to tamp down inflation caused by among other things, the wage price spiral discussed previously), the debt service costs alone are expected to exceed $1T annually. [...more]

This is by no means an exhaustive list but all impede the core freedoms that form the foundation of a free society: the rights to own and enjoy property, speak freely, earn a living, and have a meaningful choice in your children’s education.

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